Use a preset

Plug'n'play using popular devices with a curated list of profiles directly from MIDI Mixer.

Presets within MIDI Mixer are curated custom Profiles that are included within the app itself. They are most commonly compatible with the out-of-the-box configuration for the target device, helping users to plug in a new device and have it immediately recognised and set up by MIDI Mixer.

If your device doesn't have a preset yet or you need to support a custom configuration, it's easy to create your own profile.

Loading a preset

To load a preset, you must have a compatible device. For example, the Behringer X-TOUCH MINI preset is only loadable if you have a MIDI device with the name X-TOUCH MINI.

If you're loading MIDI Mixer for the very first time, the app will try to match any MIDI devices it can find to custom presets within the app. If it finds one, it will also try to automatically load that preset.

If this hasn't worked, you may have to manually find the preset on the Profiles page and click the Load button to activate the profile.

If you're still having troubles, try some of the troubleshooting steps in the FAQ.

Presets compared to profiles

The difference between a preset and a profile within the app is that presets have a locked Input and Output so that they can only be used with compatible devices.

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