Accounts in MIDI Mixer, how to register, and how they connect with contributions.

Signing up for an account in the MIDI Mixer app is currently used to attribute contributions with users to ensure that folks are rewarded automatically for their generosity.

In the future, accounts will be used for a variety of community-based features too, like sharing profiles and plugins in-app. Make sure to create an account ready, as it's likely that early users will be rewarded!


MIDI Mixer itself only requires a valid, verified email to register, and collects no personalised information whatsoever other than the bare minimum needed to connect your account to a contribution.

If you're making an account or contributing, make sure to use the same email for your contribution and for MIDI Mixer. This will ensure that you're automatically rewarded for any contribution made.

To register an account, head over to the Account tab (the MIDI Mixer icon in the bottom left), and enter an email to get started.

Once you've created an account, you'll need to verify your email before you can sync any changes. You'll receive an email from noreply@midi-mixer.com with a link that, once clicked, will verify your account.

To see more information about how a contribution affects your account, check out the Contributions page.

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