Share a profile

Sharing custom profiles with other MIDI Mixer users that use the same device.
To share (similar to exporting) a profile with another person, you can click the Share button when viewing your profile.
The "Share" button on a "Custom EC9" profile
This will pop up a dialog box with a URL that you copy and give to another person.
An example share link
Share links will last forever, but do not update; if you change your profile, you'll have to generate a new link in order to share the latest version.
To import a profile that's been shared by another user, enter the share link you've been given in to any web browser.
A share link should always begin with midi-mixer://share/.
Once you enter the link, your browser will prompt you with a warning letting you know that it's going to open within the MIDI Mixer application.
The browser letting you know it's using MIDI Mixer to open the link
After clicking Open, the MIDI Mixer UI should show and open your newly-imported profile! 🎉