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MIDI Mixer is a piece of Windows software that enables you to connect to and control your Windows audio using MIDI devices. You can control the audio of individual applications and devices, as well as integrating with any number of other applications like OBS, Philips Hue, or Discord, using open-source plugins.

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Hi! 👋 I'm Jack, a full-time software developer and the creator of MIDI Mixer.

MIDI Mixer is an ongoing passion project to help make everyday use of some of the awesome MIDI devices out there for more than just your DAW. If you're enjoying the software, please consider supporting the development of the project at Patreon, buying me a coffee, or subscribing.

If you do decide to be wonderful and contribute, you'll receive some cool extra benefits. You can see those over on the Contribution page.

I use MIDI Mixer myself every day and spend a lot of my spare time developing it; your contribution would be invaluable in providing me with the time and resources to keep adding cool new features, keep squashing bugs, and keep expanding the ecosystem of plugins and presets that make MIDI Mixer such a powerful tool.

Either way, I hope you're enjoying using MIDI Mixer as much as I'm enjoying making it. Come and chat with the rest of the community in our forums or over on Discord.

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